Our services have grown over the years to include Global Sourcing for Manufacturers,
Product and Graphic Design, and Marketing Services.





PHY. PTE Ltd design arm aims to create products that stands out from the crowd for our clients. Our design team is equipped with the knowledge of technological innovation and creative conceptualising skills to ensure their designs entail the best user experience and stylistic look.

Our design solutions include:

  • 1)Design Strategy

    Our design team would be sent down to the client to first seek advice on their needs for the product, before conducting multiple design research. We would then propose suitable innovation-driven strategies for their products.

  • 2)Industrial design

    Our design team would work closely with our clients to ensure that the product rates high on user’s utility, functionality and interactivity.

    Our design team will also service our client from conceptualising the design, to product development, and the final product delivery.

  • 3)Visual Communication design

    Our design team understands that user-interface, packaging of physical products and communications od services are essential parts of visual communication and the quality of each element has a direct impact on user experience. Hence, our design team provides a holistic approach to visual communication which includes: graphic design, product animation and visualisation servic


PHY. PTE Ltd Global Sourcing arm has an extensive network of reliable manufacturing suppliers in Southeast Asia and China, and we aim to provide the best quality products at a low cost and reducing supply chain hiccups. Our positioning as an established global sourcing company enables our Global Sourcing Solutions to benefit our clients in the following ways:

  • 1)Outsourcing manufacturing to Southeast Asia and China where labour cost is lower to achieve lower manufacturing cost

  • 2)Providing tailor-made souring and supplier verified services

  • 3)Connecting clients with reputable and reliable manufacturers to reduce risk associated with poor quality and production delays

  • 4)Managing the manufacturing process from start to endto ensure each manufacturing process runs smoothly

  • 5)Adhering to industry standards forquality checks and control to ensure only the highest quality is sent to customers

  • 6)Assisting with the logistics and product delivery to ensure smooth and punctual delivery


PHY. PTE Ltd marketing arm understands the importance of marketing in the intensely competitive market as a crucial key to survival. Hence, our marketing solution focuses on long term marketing strategy that yields greater rewards and sustainability, rather than conventional marketing tactics like heavy spending on advertising. Our marketing team have worked with clients from all over the world, and their experiences pointed us to developing marketing plans as the foundation and guiding principles for our clients’ product development. This would ensure our clients’ products to be aligned with their marketing strategy throughout.

Our Marketing Solutions includes:

  • 1)Conducting market research on consumer behaviour and upcoming trends

  • 2)Formulating a brand concept to position the product against competition

  • 3)Aligning the design of the product and its packaging to its brand concept

  • 4)Engaging with post production marketing to sustain consumers’ interest